Open Source strategy at

Just this week we made a tough call between a fairly proven commercial solution and a mix of new, fun, exciting and (fairly) unproven open source for messaging and last mile push technology. We went for the latter. Why?

To be honest, it came down to a gut-feeling decision. Would I prefer working for a company that used proven, stable commercial software – or would I prefer a company that thought it could get a competitive edge by using something new (and cool)?

I believe that in order to attract talent, we need to use cool, open source, technology.

On the way to work this morning I felt I should put my thoughts around our architectural strategy in writing. Here is what I came up with:

We will always favor free, open source software (FOSS) as components in our architecture.

Free as in “freedom of speech”
While we do not mind paying for consultancy services and quality support, it is important for us to avoid vendor lock-in, and any software we use should have a right-to-use license without any cost attached.

Open source software and open standards should always be our first choice.

Commercial, propriatary software need to show exceptional business value (over Free solutions) in order to be considered.

We will strive to contribute to the community by buying support from a company backing a FOSS solution or paying for product improvements that will also benefit the community.

These are the guiding principles for all software used at Unibet.

I’ll close with a quote:

Unibet has the most exciting, up-to-date architecture I have ever seen at any company.
— Jonas Bonér

E-gaming vs the Financial industry

I work long hours at Unibet. I spend too much time in meeting rooms. But to be perfectly honest it beats the hell out of working at a bank (which I did as a consultant a few times) or at an insurance agency (god forbid)…

The pace is incredible, and the average age in the company is 27 or something. Plus I get to manage a group of really smart and friendly people (the architects!) . And I have a say on most important decisions that are being made in the company. Cool stuff!