Switched to Mac

I admit it. I’ve been secretly in love with Apple since OS X. I’ve been very impressed with the OS – I love what Apple did with Leopard – but I never really liked the hardware. Until the MacBook Air. It must be the best laptop on the planet.

I have a corporate laptop from HP. Its not a bad laptop, but the company security guys and the PC admins literally killed it. It takes well over two minutes to start, and they do not seem to support sleep mode or hibernation for security reasons. It runs Pointsec, group policies, and an antivirus software that kills it. On top of this they removed administrative rights on all laptops recently and this rendered it totally useless.

So, being an old firewall guy, I set up the VPN client from my home pc (this is what happens when the security dept screws people’s tools up), so I could still work from home, but I was still forced to use the laptop while traveling.

About a week ago, I traveled to London with a consultant from the office. He brought his Macbook Air, and I brought my HP-killed-by-the-IT-dept-laptop.
We decided to do some work on the flight down on a presentation, and we fired up the laptops. He was going at it (flipped the mac open, used spotlight to find the presentation in the mail, and opened it) before I had a chance to enter my Pointsec password. Three minutes later I was still waiting for the drive to settle down and for Windows to give me a cursor. I must’ve looked exactly like the PC guy in the Apple commercials.

I bought my MacBook Air (the SSD version) yesterday. I run Microsoft Office (for OSX) and the recently released Checkpoint VPN client for OSX 10.5 to communicate with work. I also bought VMware to run a couple of apps at work – mainly Smart Draw 2008.

This is the list of software I installed so far:

  • Checkpoint VPN Client
  • Microsoft Office 2008 for OS X
  • TextMate
  • VMware Fusion
  • MSN Messenger 7 for OS X

So far I am extremely happy. I’m blogging from TextMate, a fantastic text editor. I’ve moved to Mac, I am never going going back.