Way to go Adobe!

I must say I quite like what Adobe has been up to recently. I actually had a need for a small Flash app today, and since I never get a chance to code anything at work I thought this might be a good chance to look closer on ActionScript and Flex.

I installed Adobe’s IDE (Eclipse plugin) and after about two hours (I had never even seen Flash code before) I had a working little app. I must say Flash development seems to be quick, easy and straightforward. I don’t mind paying for good IDE:s, but I think it is important that the Flex SDK is available for free.

Adobe AIR is basically Flash apps on the desktop (ie outside the browser) with offline support. It’s going to be really interesting to see if it takes off. There are some really impressive apps in Adobe’s AIR Showcase site.

I’ve also been looking at Adobe BlazeDS, which is basically a message-queue push bridge between Flash clients talking AMF and enterprise apps talking JMS. Adobe recently released this product under LGPL. You’re probably going to see some apps using it soon 🙂