About Me

I’m a 39-year old guy, currently living in Stockholm with my wife, daughter and son.  I have been working as a Software Architect since 2002 focusing on enterprise Java technology.

What makes me different from most other architects is that I have worked with all aspects of IT – ranging from IP routing, DNS and load balancing to requirements gathering, use-case modelling, software design and development.

I’m comfortable in working on all levels in an organization – from the management team to the technical experts. I am a good listener and I have great social skills.

Prior to software architecture I worked as an IT-security and IT-infrastructure expert focusing on network and system security. I’ve been working as a technical IT-specialist since 1993 with leading commercial platforms and products as well as open source software.

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Disclaimer: I write this blog for fun, to share and for self-promoting reasons. My actions or opinions expressed in the blog are those of my own and doesn’t necessarily reflect those of my employer.