Speedment – Snake-oil caching

It’s not everyday that people walk into our office claiming to be 1000x faster than the competition. Especially not in the highly competitive landscape of data-caching, where we have some big names in technology present for 5+ years, such as Terracotta, Oracle, Gigaspaces et.c.

This is what Speedment did.

Speedment is basically a non-coherent, non-shardable, read-only, write-through java-cache that can use off-heap storage, much like EhCache with big memory. However, you need to rewrite your application in leverage the cache to Speedment’s own API:s. I fail to see what makes it even remotely attractive compared to the competition. It leverages database triggers to keep the caches up to date, which I would guess hurts database write performance.

According to Speedment’s web site (only available in Swedish) they are in the “Elastic Caching Platform”-business and they got funding from Första Entreprenörsfonden and from ALMI Invest. I feel truly sorry for these investors, as some technical due diligence could have saved them some money. It’s not that Speedment is all bad, it’s just not very good compared to the competition (including the FOSS competition).

Rather than an Elastic Caching Platform, I consider Speedment to be a Snake-oil caching platform.

There is a PDF in English here if you want to check out the sales pitch.

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