A giant hurdle for buying a system/solution as a software is the need to buy hardware, install it, configure and manage it. You need to train people on the products’ operational aspects and retain that skill within the company.

(Free) Open Source Software (FOSS) is great to spread, to get adoption and support for a product. You enable the developers and architects to play around with the stuff! The real challenge for FOSS (and other software) products is to go beyond the happy and content developer and also provide a painless path for the adopters to provide business value without a huge investment hurdle in terms of hardware, software, traning or services.

I think the reason why something like Google Analytics or Salesforce.com is successful is that it is extremely painless to start using it. You can focus on the business problem rather than the IT stuff. Obviously this is nothing new, and the examples I gave has been around for years. Software as a Service is great.

Then, you have all the talk about the real-time web and putting information quickly, as it happens – “real time” – on the users’ desktops. This is what Twitter and Facebook is about, but real-time web is also needed for e-commerce and gaming and a lot of other areas. There are even conferences about it, so it must be happening 😉

Lastly, the final piece of the puzzle are Service Level Agreements. In order to provide “real time web” messaging as a service there is a clear advantage of being close to the information consumers, both in terms of scaling out and in terms of guaranteed latency. I think it is going to be hard to commit meaningful SLA:s without being in the edge.

If you remove the need to invest in infrastructure, the need to train people on the operational aspects and then get excellent scalability and low latency guaranteed by contract, I’d buy it in a second. Who will provide me with the Real Time Web as a service?

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