I am a long time fan of Robert X. Cringely and I was looking forward to his comments on the Oracle/Sun debacle. Here’s what he said in his blog – I couldn’t agree more:

it ends with the heart of Sun moving a few miles up 101 to where it will certainly die.

But for the most part what Oracle will do with Sun is show a quick and dirty profit by slashing and burning at a produgious rate, cutting the plenty of fat (and a fair amount of muscle) still at Sun. If you read the Oracle press release, the company is quite confident it is going to make a lot of money on this deal starting right away. How can they be so sure?
It’s easy. First drop all the bits of Sun that don’t make money. Then drop all the bits that don’t fit in Oracle’s strategic vision. Bring the back office entirely into Redwood Shores. The cut what overhead is left to match the restructured business. Sell SPARQ to some Asian OEM. Cut R&D by 80 percent, saving $2.4 billion per year. I’m guessing sell StorageTek, maybe even to IBM. And on and on. Gut Sun and milk what remains.


Regarding my previous post – I think that the acquisition is the start of a long death process for Java open source. I do not expect Oracle to announce the death of anything, but it will never the less die unless fully embraced by Oracle. The sun will surely set on Glassfish and the rest of the projects that doesn’t make any money for Sun, nor is of strategic interest to Oracle.

3 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. GlassFish and rest of projects not making money for Sun? What do you know about GlassFish’s commercial side that gives you the idea it does not make any money? Stop being an armchair quarterback and posting ridiculous know-it-all comments.

  2. Sid,
    Posting know-it-all comments is what this blog is about 😉

    If you feel that Glassfish is benefitting from being run out of Oracle, then I’m happy for you. I on the other hand am very worried as I have recently migrated to Glassfish for a website that is the core of a 180 million dollar business.

    Long term, I’m not necessarily worried about the Sun products being killed – it’s just less choice. However, I am very concerned by the fact that this may spill over on the other commercial and free open source projects and on the Java community.


  3. (speaking as an observer, not as a Sun employee) Oracle is a smart business operator; it seems to me that the easiest way to convince them to keep investing in GlassFish is to show them they can make good money from it and the relationships it generates. You say GF is at the core of a big business; are you a GF paying customer? If not, consider doing so. Check – eduard/o

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